On this blog I'm just going to write about what I'm thinking or what went on during my day letting it all out, its like this is my online diary, cause sometimes u cant always tell ur friends stuff :/
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About Me

hi my name is Brittany Duncan, I'm 13 years old and I'm in the 8th grade. I like playing basketball, swimming, dodge-ball, ice skating, and other sports. i love hanging out with my friends. Sadly i hate not do my homework because i really don't want to fail, cause i don't want my life to go down the drain :( anyway.....yea...........i love video games (that have action), good movies, good tv shows (even though i dont have cable).

Thursday, May 13, 2010


lol my life is so confusing!
ok so this guy nate/nath watevr told my friends that he liked me and would ask me out. So my friend tiff was like britt wouldu go out with nate. since i didnt met him i just saw him at one of my games (softball). i told tiff i dont no cause i dont really no the guy.......she kept asking me and asking me and i just ended up saying yes......but a month later i never got asked out because it turnes out that he thinks that hes not right for me cause blah blah blah.....AHHHH i hate guys they're so dumb. its easy do u like me or not -.-
and today he comes to our softball game and watches most of it..but leaves before the game is over and doesnt even say 'hi' or 'bye'. i mean this should bother me. if he doesnt like me/want to out with me >< than i should stop being paranoid and well... idk anymore.....sigh
lol and when i was talking to my friend alec i was like "lol any gf's yet" and he said "no, any bfs yet?"
me: "not techaially"
me: lol i still cant spell xD
alec: u should have gone out with elliot or something
me: WAT O.O
me: lol he doesn't even like me
alec: because he awesome like that
me: yay ^.^

well that made me laugh cause i used to like elliot lol :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Farmers Market

  1. What is a farmer's market?-Farmers' markets are markets, usually held out-of-doors, in public spaces, where farmers can sell produce to the public.

  2. Why would someone shop at a farmer's market?-Farmers' markets often feature produce grown naturally or organically, meats that are raised humanely on pasture, handmade farmstead cheeses, eggs and poultry from free-range fowl, as well as heirloom produce and heritage breeds of meat and fowl.
  3. Why would someone not shop at a farmer's market?- I don't know
  4. What is/are the closest farmer' market(s) to your home? have you shopped there? Describe your experience(s)-Farmers Market Jamaica159-15 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11433
  5. Where do the products at your local farmers' market come from ? Be specific and find these farms on a map- i Don't Know

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sum it all up

wow i fail i haven't blogged in like forever.
so now taylor is my friend again because he never rlly had a problem with me and angela just my friends (leslie, olivia, lois etc.) but its ok cause im friends with taylor and mike f. and leslie isn't but it works out.
well that was a weird way to start 2010 and end 8th grade XD but spring break was awesome i spent time with my friend morgan and got to relax, from all the drama in my school *sigh* but i rlly missed my friends. it sucks to be on vacation in another state cause u cant see ur friends :(
but now the vacation is over and i get to start over (well somewhat) :).
I have to finish this book for Humanities (All Quiet On The Western Front) and study for a spanish quiz. i did all my homework cause i rlly dont want bad grades, i hate meets i feel so down when i get meets but i dont tell anyone that. so SHHHHH. hmm wat else oh i got into LAB might go there or stay at ICE it hasnt ben decided....yet.
yea well i gotts to go take a shower peace out.....for now

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


everytime i bring my waveboard, everyone wants to learn how to ride XD its silly. but i don't mind. :)
i love my friends, if there happy im happy C:

Monday, March 8, 2010


Its crazy when you're the best friend to a person, and they turn around and say they don't want to be friends anymore (and they don't give you a reason). Its plain out rude. I mean wouldn't you think that they should give you an explaintion?! *sigh* if they want to lose all their friends because they're picky and is pushing everyone away, fine but i'll say this it's dumb that Taylor decided to stop being my friend because the rest of my friends didn't like (well maybe only Katie) him and i stood up for him, hung out with him, and everything. We were great friends but nooooo, he claims that we are bitchs and hates me personally. i no its stupid -.-
*sigh* whatev now, i get to hang with my girls ^.^ i love them i knew two of them since 6th grade when i came to I.C.E. ^.^ im soo glad that i have friends that love me for me!

Food Poem

Broccoli, Broccoli
Broccoli is good,
Broccoli is heatlhy and green.
My mom always told me Broccoli,
Looks like trees,
So I always ate the leaves.
But never the truk.
Broccoli oh, Broccoli
You make me grow up,
Big and strong!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Food Questions

1. how many vitamins you need daily...
Calcium-1000 mg
Iron-18 mg
Vitamin A-5000 mg
Zinc-8 mg
Folate-400 mcg
2. If you need to do vigorous exercise daily.
You don't need vigorous exercise daily but maybe 3 times a week. Daily would be too much.
3. What stuff is better for nutrition
Things that are better for nutrition are: Macronutrients: carbs, proteins, fats; micronutrients: minerals and vitamins.
4. ?? i don't get this question: What's a good portion of food.
5. Which fruits/veggies are good/bad for you
Good:Banana, Apple, Oranges, Lettuce, Celery, Beets (Blah), grapes, watermelon, carrots, pomegranate, onions, spinach (blah) etc.
Bad: i don't know any ones that are bad for you
6. How much fat & carbs are normal in a day
carbs: 45-60% a day
fats: a small amount
7. how many calories are burned doing a sit up, jumping jacks, etc.
8. How fruits are grown
On farms XD
9. Why the U.S is behind on healthy eating.
Because healthy foods are expensive, and fats are cheap X(
10. do people die of lack of exercise?
Lack of exercise creates other diseases that can lead to death
11. Why we don't change when we know
-.- idk
12. Why fruits/veggies are good for you
Because there are lots of vitamins and carbs that are good for you
13. Why whole wheat bread is better
More grains, which is more carbs.
14. Is over exercising bad?
15. What is nutrition?
Nutrients are the chemical substances in food that our bodies use to build our tissues and organs and fuel our growth, learning, and play.
16. The proper way to train for sports
17. Is it necessary to eat balanced plate
18. What fruit give what vitamins
19. How much candy is allowed in a week?
very little, like 2 to none.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

So called Love

Its funny cause most of my friends are in relationships are someone that they like, likes them back or have kissed and fked (not wat u think) before...i haven't and i dont care, when love (a crush likes me back) finds me i'll accept it but now im going to enjoy the little things and my friends before middle school is over :D i suggest that everyone do the same! Who cares about guys, there complicated and annoying, they dont understand when we make things obvious! They're down right stupid (expect the gay ones ;)!


When/Where are we practicing?


plz commment!


The names are in order from left to right

SN SNSD-Girl’s Generation

1. Tiffany - Angela (pink overalls gray shirt; dark blue pants with red shoes; 0 gold hat with side ponytail)
2. Sunny - Lois (green shorts, gray shirt; sunglasses shirt with purple pant; 12 blue hat)
3. Taeyeon - Jin (yellow shorts white shirt; purple pants and sliver jacket; 9 green hat)
4. Yuri - Olivia (green shorts gray shirts; green jacket and blue pants; 21 red hat)
5. Yoona - Leslie (yellow shorts white shirt; red pants; 7 blue razor)
6. Seohyun - Taylor (yellow shorts white shirt, pink pants; 11 green shorts or jacket)
7. Jessica - Tiffany (gray shirt pink shorts; blue pants; 22 purple/blue hat)
8. Hyoyeon - Katie (green shorts white shirt; the word joy on the shirt with red; pants; 32 purple sun razor high ponytail)
9. Sooyoung - Brittany (pink overalls white shirt; yellow pants; 24 pink hat)